Case Studies

Katherine Grainger
Learning & Development

"The collaboration platform that use kept the programme on track and provided our staff with the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching and mentoring."

Andrew Boichat
Head of Learning & Development

" were uniquely placed to deliver the tactical sales advice and guidance that Colt sales trainees would require in order to hit the ground running in their respective territories."

George Kaye
Founder & CEO

"The quality of the online tutorials is absolutely superb, very clear, and nicely done; it really helps to cement the points being raised. A comprehensive programme and worth the investment."

Robin Snoxell
Sales Manager

"The sales coaching was the most important part of the programme. It made the training more real as trainees were able to discuss real-life NGA opportunities and situations with their coach."

Tom Gueterbock
Managing Director

"We now have a much more structured approached to how we do sales. I've been on sales courses in the past, but this is unquestionably the best, in terms of how it fuses sales theory with practical implementation."

Leanne Dal Santo
Managing Director

"All the staff at were really switched on, knew their stuff and were very professional. Their approach was extremely relevant, taking time to understand what works for our business overall and for each individual."

Russell Beswick
Head of Learning & Development

"Perfectly complements our Learning & Development strategy, which endeavours to deliver high quality and bespoke training programmes to consultants at all levels - without taking too much time out of their daily business with clients and candidates."

Steve Foley
Director Global Sales

"We found the Sales Simulation was the only product that could both diagnose and teach our salespeople, and this has provided us with real benefit in terms of reduced downtime and overall staff take up."

Steve Webster
Head of Sales

"As a digital learning provider ourselves we know good content when we see it, and the ISMM Diploma package certainly falls into the category of 'best in class' when it comes to accredited sales digital learning."

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