equip Colt sales trainees to exceed their sales targets

"With a team of practising sales experts (not sales trainers), were uniquely placed to deliver the tactical sales advice and guidance that Colt sales trainees would require in order to hit the ground running in their respective territories."

Andrew Boichat, L&D Manager, Colt Academy - Customer Zone

Spotlight on Colt / partnership:

  • First sales made by new recruits shortly after programme completion
  • Bespoke coaching delivered specifically around Colt's market
  • Unlimited access to tactical advice from (ex-sales director) coaches
  • Mobile learning and coaching took the minimal time out from selling
  • Programme led to an internationally recognised sales qualification from the ISMM
  • Shortlisted for an ISMM BESMA award: "Sales Development Programme of the Year"


When Colt Technology Services hired 28 sales trainees across 8 European countries to take advantage of new business opportunities, they needed to rapidly up-skill their new recruits to ensure they 'hit the ground running' in their respective territories.

At the same time, Colt wanted staff to have an internationally recognised qualification to establish a benchmark for sales capability as part of their Sales Trainee development programme.

In partnership with, Colt did exactly that. Just 1 month after completing the sales coaching programme, many trainees had exceeded their quarterly targets and had their first deals in the bag!

The solution worked with Colt to develop a customised sales coaching programme. This complemented the in-house and other external classroom training that make up the Colt Sales Trainee development programme and is underpinned by the qualification scheme from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM).

Using's personalised "Technology + Coaching" (TPC) approach, the programme combined mobile learning with online 1:1 coaching. This gave each salesperson the same standardised Colt-tailored content and a flexible training schedule that worked around their sales roles. They also got the theoretical understanding and the practical frontline sales skills they would require to succeed.

The entire programme was built around 5 ISMM Unit qualifications: Prospecting for New Business; Preparing and Delivering a Sales Presentation; Sales Pipeline Management; Understanding Influences on Buyer Behaviour; and Handling Objections, Negotiations and Closing Sales.'s online and mobile learning delivered sales theory seamlessly across Europe. The company's unique sales simulator, which teaches crucial skills across the entire sales cycle and has been designed to stimulate salespeople's natural selling instincts, made the learning truly effective.

Analysis of the resulting Sales Simulator performance data by the team, gave them a unique insight into every salesperson. The result was that coaches were able to offer each trainee a bespoke, tactical coaching programme created around their individual abilities and territories.

Benefits to Colt

Colt's salespeople hit the ground - selling. Trainees not only met but actually exceeded their first 3-month sales targets, with many even closing their first deals within just 1 month of finishing the programme.

What makes's success so remarkable is that prior to the programme, many recruits had no previous sales experience whatsoever. After only 6 weeks of mobile learning, online coaching and practical sales assignments, sales trainees acquired knowledge and skills that could be used across the entire sales cycle and that saw them close sales immediately. Much of this was down to the ongoing advice and guidance of's ex-sales director coaches who have years of experience of selling and managing sales teams on the frontline.

Learners from the Colt UK and Italian sales teams with their ISMM certificates:

Colt UK sales trainee team
Colt Italy sales trainee team

The practical sales skills that coaches have given the Colt team have been many and varied. Sales trainees now have a structured approach to prospecting for new business with an understanding of its short, medium and long-term aspects. With well-practised pitches, they also have a new-found confidence when dealing with potential customers. Each salesperson knows how to use statistical data to assess which part of their pipeline needs focus and how to manage it accordingly. In addition, they handle objections effectively, seeing them as a potential buying signal and an important step in the negotiation process.

For Lawrence Jackson, a Colt Field Sales Team Leader:

"Being able to prospect for new business and handle objections are really key, because those are the main parts of our business and, as we are a new business acquisition team, we are going to come across a lot of objections."

Thanks to's targeted approach, ISMM's qualifications and Colts' in-house trainee development programme, a new benchmark for sales trainees has been established.

Sales trainees now have more confidence and are able to represent Colt in their respective markets without the normal level of support expected for new recruits. Their commitment to sales professionalism delivers better customer experience and therefore customer satisfaction. Colt has now deployed - and proven the value of - a new way of up-skilling trainee sales recruits.'s Technology + Coaching approach has also resulted in significant savings in direct and opportunity costs when compared with the traditional expensive classroom route.

Colt did not have to pay for a 'sales trainer' to go to different European countries.'s Technology + Coaching approach enabled training to be scheduled and completed around salespeople's roles and they did not lose 5 days of selling time, as is the norm when following the traditional classroom option.

As Andrew Boichat confirmed:

"The mobile learning option offered an effective solution to deliver training simultaneously across multiple European locations and by doing so considerably reducing the requirement for traditional classroom training. If we hadn't had the option to implement mobile learning, we would not have been in a position to deliver as an effective learning solution as cost efficiently as we did."

Moreover, by aligning the programme to the ISMM, each sales trainee has gained an accredited qualification that has not only boosted their confidence in their role but also demonstrated Colt's commitment to their personal development. This was another key factor for Andrew Boichat:

"It's probably the first time they've been invested in, or had the opportunity to invest in, formal qualifications."

Thanks to, Colt has been able to provide a truly effective learning solution to support the development of their sales trainee team and is already rolling out a second phase of sales coaching to upgrade their qualifications to the full ISMM Diploma in Sales and Marketing.

Nick Gilbert, Managing Director,, summarised the partnership:

"Training and accrediting 28 salespeople across 8 countries within a matter of weeks was a requirement that was perfect for with our mix of mobile learning and coaching expertise - and we were delighted to be selected by Colt to deliver such a key part of their Sales Trainee development programme.

"By choosing to deliver a training programme leading to an internationally recognised qualification from the ISMM, Colt has introduced a benchmark for all new entrants joining their sales team, which in turn demonstrates a commitment to providing a first class service to their customers.

"We look forward to continuing to support Colt, equipping their salespeople with the sales skills required to hit the ground - selling!"

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