Derivitec: Software Development Sales Training Case Study

Spotlight on Derivitec / partnership:

  • Company-wide implementation of sales tools and best practice techniques
  • Sales training programme tailored specifically to Derivitec and financial services industry
  • Strategic and tactical guidance from (ex-sales director) coaching team
  • Mobile learning and one-on-one coaching for flexibility around staff schedules and business needs
  • Programme led to establishment of an internal sales system, with a focus on outbound leads and managing existing contacts.

Client Profile

Derivitec is a UK based independent software vendor, specialising in the manufacture and sale of financial analytical software across multiple platforms and channels. Derivitec software is developed to meet financial industry standards, as well as provide an on-demand service via cloud computing technologies.

Challenge and Objectives

After launching its first product at the end of 2014, the company offered a permanent position to an experienced sales manager at the beginning of 2015. The CEO deemed it important that he should have a clear understanding of the work being undertaken by the head of sales, as well as the confidence to confer on these objectives clearly.

The solution

Taking into account the requirements of the client, quickly delivered a bespoke sales training programme to Derivitec. The programme covered the creation of a specific software development sales strategy, subsequently moving onto a tailored sales process that included cold calling, effective outreach, and choosing the right technologies to utilise.

This tailored software developer sales training programme was delivered across multiple channels to suit the varying schedules of the CEO, and included:

  • 1-on-1 sales coaching for personal development
  • A tailored multiple-device mobile training app
  • Easily accessible online tutorials
  • A range of collaborative exercises

The Results

The bespoke software development sales training programme was tailored specifically to Derivitec's industry in order to successfully establish a reliable internal structure in which sales objectives could be managed and achieved with far greater efficiency. The CEO acquired the sales knowledge to better assess and direct the company's particular sales objectives, as well as converse with greater confidence with the sales manager.

With help from, the company has been able to:

  • Better organise and prioritise its leads
  • Improve its ability to manage existing contacts
  • Implement a robust framework for an internal sales system
  • Boost each team member's confidence in sales through engaging training content


"The quality of the online tutorials is absolutely superb, very clear, and nicely done; it really helps to cement the points being raised. A comprehensive programme and worth the investment"
- George Kaye, Founder and CEO of Derivitec
"It was clear from the outset just how passionate the team at Derivitec are about their genuinely unique proposition. It has been a pleasure providing their staff with the strategic and tactical guidance required to take that proposition out to the market and grow their business"
- Nick Gilbert, Managing Director of
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