'Technology + Coaching' creates target-beating NGA Human Resources sales team

"The sales coaching was the most important part of the programme. It made the training more real as trainees were able to discuss real-life NGA opportunities and situations with their coach."

Robin Snoxell, Sales Manager at NGA Human Resources.

Spotlight on NGA Human Resources (NGA) and partnership:

  • Every salesperson over-achieved their first year target
  • Recruits were motivated by the chance of earning the de-facto sales qualification from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM)
  • Mobile learning freed salespeople to learn anytime and anywhere
  • For NGA,'s expert sales coaches were the most important part of the programme


Relationships are everything in HR and NGA know that well. Using their expertise, they enable global clients to transform business-critical HR operations, to deliver effective people-critical services.

To continue to meet their objectives, NGA needed to transform inexperienced new starters into effective salespeople. They wanted a training partner that could instil the fundamentals of the sales process and provide tactical sales guidance in a consistent manner. was that company and delivered outstanding results for NGA. Every single salesperson not only hit their targets in the first year, but they surpassed them. As a result, NGA upped next year's targets and watched revenues rise. What was the secret of's success? Simple: Technology + Coaching.

The solution's solution for NGA was based on its tried, tested and personalised Technology + Coaching approach. This is underpinned by the internationally recognised "Diploma in Sales and Marketing" qualification from the ISMM, which covers everything from sales planning to closing sales. This fast and adaptable solution was a vital part of the project's success.

The programme was rolled out in 6 months. Technology delivery, importantly, was on mobile devices and was a huge success with the team and with management.

Each salesperson went through's unique, engaging and multi-character Sales Simulation. This platform served as an assessment, delivery and monitoring tool. It base-lined individual salespeople's abilities, taught them sales theory and enabled them to practise skills using real-life scenarios. It also allowed NGA and to monitor, assess and improve salespeople's progress:

"All the salespeople used the mobile element of the programme. It allowed them to continue with the programme at any time."'s Sales Simulation was in fact built specifically for mobile and can be run on Apple, Android and Windows devices. The platform is delivered via the Windows Azure enterprise-grade cloud platform to ensure 24-7 fast and reliable access for all users. Learning modules are in interactive bite-sized chunks that allow salespeople to learn and revise topics anytime and anywhere. In addition, the inbuilt dashboard allows management and coaches to monitor, track and improve salespeople's progress and learning behaviours.

Reinforcing the technology-led learning were's coaches. Online coaching sessions were scheduled (allowing for planning), flexible (allowing for change) and personal (allowing for tailoring) for each member of the team. As successful ex-sales directors and practicing sales experts, the coaches were crucial to's success.

Robin Snoxell confirms this:

"The sales coaching was the most important part of the programme. It made the training more real as trainees were able to discuss real-life NGA opportunities and situations with their coach."

Coaches were with NGA's salespeople every step of the way. They assessed their understanding and corrected learning. They supported them in completing the practical assignments necessary for the formal ISMM qualification. They gave salespeople tactical guidance that developed skills relevant to them, their role and their territories within NGA's growing, global customer base in 100 countries.

Benefits to NGA's approach at NGA was transformational. NGA's ambitious new salespeople quickly became effective and successful salespeople.

Revenues quite simply went up and up. Every single salesperson beat their first year targets. Indeed, so good was their sales performance, that the following year's targets were increased.

Customers, and therefore NGA, reaped the rewards. Robin Snoxell says:

"For trainee account managers their communication with customers was enhanced. They were able to better identify sales opportunities and more effectively present the appropriate products and services from the NGA portfolio."

Costs and disruption to schedules were also kept to the minimum thanks to's mobile and online approach. Robin Snoxell explains:

"The innovative learning approach allowed my team to hone their skills in a flexible way, rather than block time out from the business to attend an expensive classroom course."

The NGA trainee account management team was motivated to learn and to apply their skills. All wanted to earn the internationally recognised Diploma from the ISMM. This skilled them across 77 competencies that include prospecting for new business; territory management; presentations and negotiating sales. All benefited from the ISMM Diploma programme being grounded in the real world of sales and backed up by's expert sales coaching.

The coaches ensured that account managers gained an understanding of the whole sales process and could deal with different sales situations. Gemma Milton, NGA Junior Account Manager is now confidently handling every aspect of the sales cycle:

"I am personally benefitting from an improved approach to both preparing and delivering my customer presentations"

Charles Fowler, another NGA participant in the programme, added:

"For me, the work we completed on time and territory management was the most useful. Having a clear sales plan in place has enabled me to prioritise my time and keep focused on my quarterly sales goals."

Gemma, Charles and their colleagues also found that their careers were on a positive course. The majority of those who took part in the programme with have progressed within NGA to a range of more senior account management and business development positions.

Robin Snoxell says:

"I'm very pleased with the new business and commercial awareness expertise acquired by all involved. It was great working with and we look forward to putting our next hires through the programme!"

The junior account management team

The first group of learners from the NGA Team receiving their ISMM Diploma certificates from Managing Director Nick Gilbert.

NGA Human Resources

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