Phaidon International: Sales Team Training Case Study

Spotlight on Phaidon and partnership:

  • Consultants developed skills in time management, closing sales, prioritising leads, and creating an adaptable sales routine
  • Bespoke sales programme tailored specifically to Phaidon and the recruitment industry
  • Combination of technology-led learning and coaching for minimal time out from selling
  • An effective training programme delivered across a large team with a various levels of experience
  • Ongoing support and access to tactical advice from (ex-sales director) coaches
  • For Phaidon,'s online collaboration platform, providing ongoing coaching and mentoring, was invaluable


Phaidon International are a global recruitment agency, delivering specialist staff and enabling career growth across a range of industries. Using a collection of micro-specialist brands, Phaidon operates closely within 4 key markets; finance, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) energy, and skilled professional services.

Using knowledge from the global marketplace, as well as a network of partnerships and offices in Europe, Asia, and America, Phaidon is able to source the best talent from around the world.


In order to support its market-leading growth, Phaidon delivers ongoing and extensive training to consultants built around its recruitment process. To enable staff to develop an over-arching sales strategy around this process, it was identified that an industry-recognised sales team training programme was required.

The training needed to be commercially focused and aimed at providing consultants with 0-2 years experience with a more robust understanding of the sales cycle and how they could relate this to their everyday recruitment role.

The main challenge would be delivering an effective training programme across such a large and varied team.

The solution

Following a period of familiarisation with Phaidon's processes and with a clear understanding of the company's operational objectives, designed and delivered a bespoke sales training programme, adapted to best benefit the scale and variety of the recruitment team at Phaidon. The programme was based around's Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) accredited work-based learning approach and would therefore result in Phaidon's consultants achieving an industry recognised ISMM qualification.

The first half of the programme, delivered via a mix of mobile learning, team coaching and 1:1 support, concentrated on sales planning competencies. This helped staff in areas such as maintaining their daily sales structure. The practical output of this first phase was each consultant created their own tactical quarterly sales plan, introducing both standardisation and rigour to the team's approach to achieving their sales goals.

In the second half of the programme, the focus was on sales execution competencies - i.e. practical skills that help progress the sales cycle and develop relationships. Again this was combined technology-led learning with coaching from's practising sales expert coaches.

Practical tasks in this phase saw Phaidon's consultants develop and hone their use of business development emails and telephone follow-up techniques as well as taking part in presentation role-plays to's coaches.

The bespoke sales team training programme offered Phaidon:

  • Mobile learning sales training app accessible through desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Collaborative team training sessions tailored for the business
  • 1-on-1 personal development and support
  • A collaboration platform where all practical sales tasks could be viewed/assessed
  • Ongoing support and training consultancy
  • ISMM accreditation for consultants completing practical sales tasks

Benefits to Phaidon

The training programme gave sales staff the means to implement crucial techniques within their daily routines. Positive feedback from the modules also led to further sessions being run for other team members. By delivering a varied mix of modules and exercises, helped fuel collaboration between team members, who were able to use their specific skills and strengths to achieve sales goals.

The sales team training programme helped develop skills in time management, closing sales, prioritising leads, and creating an adaptable sales routine.

Junior team members also benefitted from the introduction to a range of skills to help them succeed. As such, a tighter integration of the sales team's skills, tactics, and objectives resulted in a higher number of successful sales, as well as ongoing improvements to the overall sales strategy within Phaidon.

To date, 16 Phaidon consultants have completed the practical tasks required to achieve their ISMM accreditation, with a second cohort of staff mid-way through the programme. Accreditation of its staff from the ISMM has not only has demonstrated Phaidon's commitment to professional sales best practice but has also introduce a new benchmark for sales capability within the company.


"What stood out for me, was the support and mentoring that staff received after they attended group sessions. The collaboration platform that use kept the programme on track and provided our staff with the opportunity to receive ongoing coaching and mentoring once they had got back to their desks - which for most consultants was absolutely invaluable."
- Katherine Grainger, Learning & Development Administrator, Phaidon International
"I cannot sing's praises enough. Our consultants always come back from the coaching sessions inspired. The programme is really practical, not just a tick box exercise, and therefore the entire team found it incredibly motivating. An added bonus has been that our staff have also gained an industry-recognised qualification from the ISMM which has visibly increased their confidence."
- Pin Patel, Learning & Development Manager, Phaidon International
"The sales team training programme we have delivered at Phaidon provides another example of how our ISMM accredited work-based learning approach can be tailored to any market and results in practical benefits for both the organisation and its staff. Our coaches have been impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Phaidon's consultants on the programme and have enjoyed working with them to develop their sales skills."
- Nick Gilbert, Managing Director,
Phaidon International

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