Smartbags Wholesale Retail Case Study

Spotlight on Smartbags / partnership:

  • Company-wide implementation of sales tools and best practice techniques
  • Bespoke sales training delivered specifically around Smartbag's market
  • Solution tailored for junior and senior staff
  • Unlimited access to tactical advice from (ex-sales director) coaches
  • Mobile learning and one-on-one sales coaching took minimal time out from business
  • Programme led to significant improvements to outbound lead generation, meetings booked and deals closed.


Smartbags is a leading platform specialising in eco-friendly re-usable branded bags, and an approved partner of the British Independent Retail Association. Popularised as 'bags for life' by UK consumers, the company focuses on the wholesale manufacture and distribution of bespoke products for retail trade shows, promotional events, and competitions.


As Smartbags grew and developed a larger online presence, they wanted to evolve their outbound sales strategy to complement the current level of inbound enquiries they were receiving.

This was so they could give themselves greater control over the future direction and client-base of the company, whilst also learning more about the various software solutions that could assist in this process. Senior staff also faced difficulties in time constraints and therefore needed sales training that would accommodate multiple busy schedules.

Smartbags wholesale retail customised bags

The sales training required implementation on two crucial levels. Firstly, on a senior level in which management could properly understand and exercise a strategic retail sales process and know how to effectively use this knowledge to enable their staff. Secondly, through base level training for the rest of the team, including fundamental sales training and a structured selling approach directly applicable to the wholesale and retail sector. The two programmes would complement each other and ultimately put in place a workable outbound sales solution.

The solution

Based on our client's needs, developed and delivered a bespoke sales training programme through multiple channels. This included an easily accessible proprietary mobile training app that works across multiple devices and personalised one-on-one sales coaching. It aimed to:

  • Improve the Smartbags methodology for outbound sales
  • Boost confidence within the team
  • Implement crucial sales tools and software

The training was delivered to accommodate the busy schedules of senior staff. To ensure that attendees at all levels received the most value from the training it was tailored through targeted tasks based on personal skills and development goals.'s retail sales training took the approach of:

  1. Establishing an outbound sales process that would be second nature for each team member
  2. Building the confidence of sales staff to make the calls and maintain a calm attitude during high-pressure situations; took these individual needs and the skillsets of each employee into account
  3. Helping to collaboratively develop a targeted sales and marketing strategy that will achieve Smartbags' business goals

Benefits to Smartbags

Ultimately, through the training they received, Smartbags were able to implement a robust internal sales system, built around a suite of effective sales tools for managing and achieving its sales objectives.

Equipped with a new approach to sales time management, practical techniques and approaches for managing the entire sales process, Smartbags has achieved early and quantifiable success as a direct result of the programme. These outcomes include:

  • Outbound sales pipeline increasing by 400% year-on-year
  • New business sales meetings doubling
  • Closing a number of new customers in developing target market
  • Increased efficiency in the outbound lead generation process
  • Better suspect identification and therefore suspect to prospect conversion rate


"All the staff at were really switched on, knew their stuff and were very professional. At the same time their approach was extremely relevant, taking time to understand what works for our business overall and for each individual."
- Leanne Dal Santo, Managing Director, Smartbags
" At we like to work with organisations who have bought into the concept of a company-wide approach to sales best practice and Smartbags certainly meet this criteria. Working with both senior management and sales staff we have been impressed at the speed in which the company has implemented its new sales process and are delighted with the early success that has been achieved as a result. "
- Nick Gilbert, Managing Director,
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