Socially Bright: Digital Agency Sales Training Case Study

Spotlight on Socially Bright / partnership:

  • Company-wide implementation of an end-to-end process for managing their sales pipeline
  • Bespoke sales programme tailored specifically to Socially Bright and the challenges facing a digital agency
  • Strategic and tactical guidance from (ex-sales director) coaching team
  • Integration of various sales automation software tools
  • Programme led to establishment of an internal sales system, focused on outbound new business generation.


Socially Bright are a digital production company specialising in the development of innovative branded apps across multiple social channels and platforms including desktop, tablet, and mobile. The company has helped a variety of international brands engage with their target audiences online; previous campaigns include Topshop, Magners, Toyota, and the BBC.


For years, Socially Bright had operated with the same internal structure for carrying out sales objectives, with its main sales channel having been customer referral. After several successful projects, management concluded that the company had outgrown its current internal system, and wanted to implement a process that would be scalable to suit its continued rate of growth.

The company therefore sought a more robust understanding of a targeted sales strategy in order to overhaul its current system and develop an outbound sales channel.

The solution

Taking into account the individual requirements of each team member and the digital focus of the business, delivered a programme of bespoke sales training modules. The programme focused on the end-to-end sales process, tightly integrating sales automation software with best practice new business prospecting techniques.

Each module built upon pre-existing sales knowledge, using's cross-platform sales simulation platform and personal sales coaching and consultancy. The flexible nature of the programme enabled Socially Bright to develop their sales strategy and processes in defined phases whilst continuing to manage its existing sales pipeline.

This tailored digital agency sales training programme consisted of the following key components:

Benefits to Socially Bright

Following the completion of the bespoke sales training programme, Socially Bright was able to implement an improved sales process with a greater focus on outbound new business generation. The new system has introduced a high degree of sales automation, which has enabled the company to outreach with greater efficiency and secure more leads.

Since implementation, the company has generated over 20 new business meetings in two months.

The training also developed the fundamental understanding of the sales cycle for both management and team members. This has given the company the ability to objectively review and continuously improve its sales process in line with company objectives.

With help from, the company has been able to:

  • Create an end-to-end process for managing its sales pipeline
  • Better integrate various sales automation software tools
  • Increase the % of sales coming from new customers
  • Boost each team member's confidence in managing the sales cycle.


"We now have a much more structured approached to how we "do" sales. I've been on sales courses in the past, but this is unquestionably the best in terms of how it fuses sales theory with practical implementation. We signed up to receive training but were delighted when the programme went far beyond that with the processes that helped us create and the software tools that they configured for us.

"In short, we have been extremely impressed with the whole experience and wouldn't hesitate in recommending"
- Tom Gueterbock, Managing Director, Socially Bright
"It has been a great experience working with a company like Socially Bright who have achieved fantastic growth almost entirely through word-of-mouth, and are now building on that success by proactively engaging new customers in their target markets.

"Through our own experience of automating the sales process we have been able to fast-track their newly implementation outbound sales channel and are delighted with the impact that it has already made on their business."
- Nick Gilbert, Managing Director,
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