Equipping Video Arts account management team with ISMM qualifications


Video Arts was established in 1972 by a small group of television professionals, including John Cleese to deliver corporate training in an entertaining and engaging way. Since inventing the humour-based corporate training video they've helped organisations deliver learning to millions of employees.


Due to rapid growth, the account management team at Video Arts had expanded very quickly and the new recruits were less experienced than the existing salespeople.

In order to introduce a baseline of sales knowledge, skill and understanding across the team it was decided that each account manager would be put though a comprehensive training programme leading to an industry recognised sales qualification.


saleslearn.com's Sales Simulation ISMM Diploma package was chosen as the preferred solution as it provided flexible learning paths for each individual, regardless of their experience and resulted in the "Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) Diploma in Sales & Marketing".

Steve Webster, Head of Sales at Video Arts explained their purchasing decision:

"We were looking for a flexible way to both develop and accredit our salespeople and were astonished at the price and duration of many sales accreditation programmes!

"As a digital learning provider ourselves we know good content when we see it and the saleslearn.com ISMM Diploma package certainly falls into the category of 'best in class' when it comes to accredited sales digital learning.

"We signed up our account management team for the saleslearn.com ISMM Diploma package as it enabled us to offer them an industry recognised sales qualification but without having to take them away from the business for 5+ days."

Benefits to Video Arts

Video Arts have seen a significant improvement in sales performance since they launched the use of the saleslearn.com ISMM Diploma across their account management team.

The group, which only had a combined sales experience of two years, all demonstrated a significant uplift in both pipeline and closed business. Each account manager is now already comfortable with carrying, and more importantly exceeding, their monthly and quarterly sales targets.

Video Arts

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