Mobile Sales Training

Train your salespeople anytime, anyplace with the Sales Simulator.

Engage your salespeople to learn

Immersive and interactive mobile sales training, covering eight key sales competencies with a comprehensive face-to-face selling skills video tutorial.

This variety of content keeps salespeople engaged, in a way we dare to say is fun - we call it "learning by stealth"!

Available as a standalone course or as a complement to your in-house learning & development programme.

Reduce the training opportunity cost

Most salespeople don't want to sit in a boring classroom environment. Now they can learn in non-core time, in manageable chunks, with or without Internet access. This helps learners to retain more information, with the added benefit of return to the app as an ongoing reference tool.

No classroom training = more time selling = reduced training opportunity cost.

Introduce recognised Best Practice

Recognised by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) as an endorsed product, the mobile sales training is the ideal solution to introduce a baseline of sales best practice.

It acts as an assessment and training tool with interactive activities and engaging content. A central reporting tool provides you with insights into your team's strengths and weaknesses.

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Learning Modules

Scenario-Based Sales Training

An example of a learning content page

Complete curriculum, including prospecting, meetings, negotiations and closing.

The Sales Simulator consists of eight modules, each aligned to an ISMM unit and covering a key sales competency. Each module lasts approximately 1-hour.

Based around an agnostic sales scenario, this first-person simulation allows salespeople to immerse themselves into a sales environment, whilst covering a total of 77 sales skill topics.

Unlike most dry "e-learning" the app has been designed with interactive activities after every knowledge page and multiple character content. This is mobile learning, but not as you have experienced before.

View All 77 Sales Skill Topics

Video Tutorial

Face-to-Face Selling

Directly applicable sales skills

To mix up the training medium, we created a professionally acted face-to-face selling skills video tutorial.

Often salespeople are expected to pick up these key skills by trial and error. Not any more! The video tutorial breaks a typical sales meeting broken down into three key stages:

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements Gathering & Pitch
  3. Close & Next Steps

Salespeople are provided with both a good and bad scenario of each stage (yes, there is some humour involved) and key learning points are highlighted, to demonstrate what makes the difference between the best and worst meetings.

Video tutorial on face-to-face meetings

Insights Dashboard

Fully Managed Learning Environment

Insights Dashboard for L&D and Sales Managers

Shape your coaching and development

Training salespeople anytime anyplace is great but you need to know what people's current skill level is and then verify the parts of the training that are sticking. Let us introduce you to the Insights Dashboard.

Every salesperson using the Sales Simulator is connected to our Learning Management System (LMS) and this platform provides each customer with information on their team's progress and activity scores.

The information from the Insights Dashboard keeps you connected to your sales force. It shapes internal coaching and development, and allows you to track the return on the training investment.

Endorsed Content

ISMM Accreditation

Industry recognised Best Practice

For those organisations who require external accreditation for their salespeople, the Sales Simulator acts as a core foundation module for our accredited ISMM Level 3 Diploma in Sales and Marketing programme.

The ISMM Sales Diploma is the de-facto qualification for frontline salespeople (the "one to have" if you are serious about sales).

Any salesperson who has completed the content within the Sales Simulator can be fast tracked to achieving their ISMM certification: attend three coaching sessions with a coach, then provide relevant work-based evidence demonstrating their knowledge, understanding and skill in the subject areas.

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Tried & trusted

What Our Customers Say

Colt Technology Services
NGA Human Resources
"The mobile learning option offered an effective solution to deliver training simultaneously across multiple European locations and by doing so considerably reducing the requirement for traditional classroom training.

"If we hadn't had the option to implement mobile learning, we would not have been in a position to deliver as an effective learning solution as cost efficiently as we did."

Andrew Boichat, L&D Manager, Colt Academy
"We needed a tool that would help us diagnose the skill level of our global sales force and support an ongoing programme of training and in-house coaching.

"Having researched the market we found the Sales Simulator was the only product that could both diagnose and teach our salespeople and this has provided us with real benefit in terms of reduced downtime and overall staff take up."

Steve Foley, Director Global Sales, DatacenterDynamics
"All the salespeople used the mobile element of the programme. It allowed them to continue with the programme at any time.

"The innovative learning approach allowed my team to hone their skills in a flexible way, rather than block time out from the business to attend an expensive classroom course. I'm very pleased with the new business and commercial awareness expertise acquired by all involved."

Robin Snoxell, Sales Manager, NGA Human Resources

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