Customer Testimonials

"With a focus on practical implementation rather than theoretical discussion, are revolutionising the way that people can develop their sales skills and gain an industry recognised qualification.

"They offer an outcome that professionalises salespeople, in a format that works with their job role."

Frances McCabe (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management)

"I am a Marketing Product Manager who spends a considerable amount of time liaising with Sales Managers and presenting to customers. The ISMM Qualification was perfect for me to fully understand the Sales Cycle and appreciate what's involved, and how I can support the business better. The Diploma builds on my previous education and puts me in good stead for the future role of Sales & Marketing Manager/Director.

"I chose because the help and support was fantastic from the start and throughout as well as offering modern learning applications.

"The whole product experience from mobile learning to the creation of assignments made learning enjoyable and stress free.

"From start to finish, the whole process was first class. The final role play presentation has given me the confidence I need in the sales field and provided me with some great sales techniques and skills which I can pass onto my peers.

"I highly recommend" Andrew Bishop (Marketing Product Manager)

"As a business development manager I am constantly out of the office meeting new prospects and customers and as such I had previously struggled to schedule in time for my own personal development.

"The mobility of the Sales Simulation has been invaluable in helping me improve my sales skills by allowing me to study in dead time and also to refer back to the material whenever I want. The product is well presented, engaging and genuinely enjoyable to complete and it has definitely made me a more confident and well-rounded salesperson."

Lisa Wright (Key Account Manager)

"I work as an IT recruitment consultant and a large part of my role is focused on developing new business relationships in a competitive market. I found the Sales Simulation to be fantastic value compared with the classroom alternatives and I like the fact that the learning is delivered in the context of a lifelike sales environment as it helps you relate the content to your own role.

"Having completed the product I now feel more in control of how I manage the complete sales cycle and I have already benefitted from the negotiation module having secured better rates than I had ever done previously!"

Rhys Morgan (Recruitment Consultant)

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